Smart. Fun. A Tad Nerdy.

Nice nerdy young man happily dancing alone. Vinyl records on the floor. Looks like he's doing the twist.

Ok, so maybe Agilytics doesn't have the coolest interface. What it does, however, is totally cool. Besides, in the analytical trenches, do looks even matter?

If you're longing to get the job done right, every time, with speed, precision & efficiency, Agilytics is your analytical soul mate. And if looks are more important than capabilities, we wish you lots of luck & a budget in equal measure.

Here are some of the many wonderful qualities you'll miss out on:

Cut Time, Not Corners

Advanced analytics is rigorous & demanding. Experienced analysts will tell you there is much to know & even more to do, which makes Agilytics perfect for seasoned pros & analytical newbies. Automation & safeguards mean everyone can achieve more, with significantly less effort.

'Mangia' Machine Learning

Deploy. Implement. Operationalize. Call it what you like, it's about 'consuming' analytics to satisfy the hunger for data driven operations. Pair predictions with business logic (like wine with food) to create robust web services. Best of all, last mile logistics take only a couple of clicks.

Embrace the BI Bounce

Agilytics closes the gap between business insight & analytical action. Jumping from BI into true advanced analytics is so darn easy we call it the BI Bounce. BI pros quickly gain valuable new skills, contributing even more thanks to their familiarity with goals, operations & of course, data.

Dump Decision Drama

Good decision making is fundamental to business. Too often though, decisions that made sense in a meeting are frustratingly difficult to operationalize. This gap between intention & action is real & costly. Agilytics bridges it with ease & efficiency.

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Service Is Selling

All the data in the world doesn't mean much without deep behavioral insight. Agilytics analyzes transactional activity & more to identify who's ready for something else, something new. Opportunity management is like a secret weapon for controlled growth, keeping revenue & retention on track.

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