About Us

We're known for technology, expertise & service. But how we got started, not so much. Here's a highly condensed, lighthearted look back. Special thanks to Bill Gossman, President & Co-founder, for a great sense of humor.
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The 1980s & tech were good to Bill. He worked hard & retired early...too early. He was only 32! An avid golfer, he decided to buy a golf course. He'd play as much as he liked & be the boss for a change.
Stock drawing of someone golfing.
Unfortunately, the golf course deal fell thru, so Bill started to volunteer in his community & kept thinking about the future. BTW, if you've met him in person, you know this is a good likeness.
Finger puppet resembling bald businessman with eye glasses
He liked sailboats. Maybe buy a big one & sail around the world. Too bad he didn't know how to sail. He enjoyed home renovations. Too bad flipping wasn't a thing yet. What to do, what to do.
Finger puppet wearing paper sailor hat and paint smears on its face.
Eventually Bill discovered neural nets.

Hey, this AI stuff is exciting!

Concept image for human brain
He envisioned all sorts of applications + his entrepreneurial itch needed scratched. He decided to start a software company & some like-minded friends joined him. It was 1992.
Concept image of someone having a bright idea.
Ironically, Bill doesn't have much time for golf since starting the company. He's too busy working with clients. Don't worry, he loves that part of his job. Ditto for traveling to fun places.
Stock image of small plastic plane in foreground and world map in background.
We've worked with clients on every continent except Antarctica. Bill's traveled to four of them (continents, that is).

If you're in Antarctica, he's game!
Finger puppet wearing orange knit cap is ready for cold weather


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